Interior planting

Your clients expect you to provide a complete product. In turn therefore, we offer you a complete range of plants, pots, accessories such as substrate and water metres, and even a potting service. Why not make use of our unique Fachjan Green Habitat app for a true to life digital preview of the plants on location? Due to our soil plants being supplied in substrate systems, this is a very attractively-priced product with all the necessary flexibility in terms of maintenance. You are also welcome to visit our company with your client, where one of our greenery specialists can supervise your choice of plants, on request. You therefore do not need to hold stocks, allowing optimum use of your liquid assets. We also ensure that the logistics process will run smoothly if you deliver your own order. Including planters and completely prepared, if required. Important added value which can increase your turnover and margin nicely.

We plant our soilplant on substrate for you with water indicator

Sharp Lead times and delivery planning and the high operations costs in markets to combine plants and planters ,motivated us to develop a professional planting and transport preparation department for our clients. We deliver the end product to our clients.

Green Walls

Wall and façade planting is one of the most attractive greenery products with architectonic allure. The fantastically decorative and representative quality is an immediate eye catcher. In a functional sense, green walls also play an important trump card. As innovative partitions, for example, offering natural temperature and sound insulation, whose large green surface actively contributes to healthy air quality.