Fachjan plants to ‘Villages Nature’ near Paris

Fachjan Project Plants will supplied plants to 'Villages Nature' in France. A new holiday park near Paris. A total of 189 large plants ranging from 4m. till 12m. + a number of smaller plants. Almost 30 trucks delivered the plants to Paris. Plants supplied were f.e. Ficus religiosa (12m.) and several large Barringtonias.

Project with Fachjan plants wins a European award (EILO)

The project 'The Forest at Copenhagen Towers' won the 2nd award on 21 June at 'EILO's best project award 2017'.Fachjan has provided a nice amount of Bucida buceras (Black Olives) for this beautiful project.

Centre Court Atrium Copenhagen Towers consists of 60 Bucida buceras 4-9 m. The forest helps create a comfortable indoor climate (relative humidity about 80%) and Savanne effect as well as emphasize the green concept on which the entire building complex is based

Beauty, Colour, Shapes and Heights in the Fachjan greenhouses…
Geothermal energy for Fachjan

‘Geothermal Energy Project Vogelaer’ is geothermal energy extracted from the earth's crust. The core of our earth is extremely hot (2,000 to 10,000 ˚C). This heat flows through conduction to the crust of the earth. This energy supply is virtually inexhaustible and therefore very sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The ‘Geothermal Energy Vogelaer’ project involves the realization of a geothermal double system (combination of multiple wells) and heat distribution system whose sources are at a depth of 2,500 meters and extract hot water of approximately 85 degrees. The heat of this water will be used by heat exchangers to heat several horticultural companies in a sustainable way. Horticulture companies ensure optimal water cooling to about 35 degrees. Thereafter, the cooled water is pumped back to the original reservoir at approximately 2,500 meters depth.

With this project, approximately 13.5 million m3 of natural gas can be saved per year and represents a CO2 emissions of 24 kilo-tons per year (equivalent to the consumption of approximately 9,000 households). This means that the participants' products are grown permanently and contribute significantly to a cleaner and healthier future.

Fachjan B.V. Is one of seven participants in ‘Geothermal Energy Project Vogelaer’. After a long preparation period, two wells were drilled in Poeldijk in the spring of 2016 to a depth of over 2400 m. The distribution network has been working hard to connect several participants, including Fachjan.

Fachjan has already significantly reduced gas consumption in recent years. Above, Fachjan expects geothermal energy to further reduce gas consumption by another 80%.

Fachjan is expanding

Fachjan is expanding.

Due to a strong growth of our company, we have decided to expand our business.

January 18th, Fachjan aquired a 2.3 hectare large greenhouse complex in Naaldwijk. Right now, we're going to cultivate various products that require a longer growing period.

This expansion is necessary to guarantee the quantity and the quality of our plants. We will also expand the width of our plant range and we will make major steps towards a fully biological control.

Thermal bath Sinsheim (D), four years after planting…..

Partly due to the good maintenance 'Armin Köhler Grabpflege und Raumbegrünung' the result is stunning. The base of large palms and trees is regularly updated with flowering plants such as Phalenopsis.

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