Fachjan plants for Burgers’Mangrove (NL) – update –

Fachjan delivered various special plants for the planting in Burgers 'Mangrove (Burgers' Zoo) in July. The list of plants included the real mangrove shrubs such as Coccoloba uvifera and Coconut palms (Cocos nucifera). The plants are growing strongly. See the new, actual, pictures of Burgers'Mangrove.

Burgers' Mangrove has a surface of 3000 m2. Visitors have become acquainted with the largest indoor mangrove area in the world as a true explorer. This is the natural habitat of charismatic species such as manatees, crab crabs, butterflies, birds and fish. The surprising landscape of Burgers' Mangrove stretches under a domed construction, the highest point is 16m.

A number of photos made available by Burgers' Mangrove.

40 large Ficus trees for the new Oman airport

At the new Oman airport, 40 large (3,75 - 4m.) Ficus Columnar trees are currently being planted.

Fachjan has recently supplied those large Ficus trees. Not by car or boat… but by plane. We have built a special air freight container. The 40 Ficus trees were carefully placed all in this one container.

The airport is in the middle of the desert, so the green appearance of the airport is important. These 40 Ficus Columnar trees definitely assure. Climatologically everything is arranged so the Ficus will grow well.

Fachjan five places higher in the Hillenraad 100

Fachjan has risen 5 places in the Hillenraad 100, the list with the leading companies in the horticultural sector. Fachjan is now on place 83.

Palm trees (Veitchias) for expansion Badeparadies Schwarzwald (Germany)

Mid-October Fachjan supplied a large number of palm trees such as Veitchia's for the expansion of the tropical swimming paradise 'Badeparadies Schwarzwald' in Germany. The extension is called 'Palais Vital'. A large part of the Veitchias has already been planted.

As always, a great deal of attention was paid to packaging the palm trees for transport to Germany.

Fachjan plants to ‘Villages Nature’ near Paris

Fachjan Project Plants will supplied plants to 'Villages Nature' in France. A new holiday park near Paris. A total of 189 large plants ranging from 4m. till 12m. + a number of smaller plants. Almost 30 trucks delivered the plants to Paris. Plants supplied were f.e. Ficus religiosa (12m.) and several large Barringtonias.

Project with Fachjan plants wins a European award (EILO)

The project 'The Forest at Copenhagen Towers' won the 2nd award on 21 June at 'EILO's best project award 2017'.Fachjan has provided a nice amount of Bucida buceras (Black Olives) for this beautiful project.

Centre Court Atrium Copenhagen Towers consists of 60 Bucida buceras 4-9 m. The forest helps create a comfortable indoor climate (relative humidity about 80%) and Savanne effect as well as emphasize the green concept on which the entire building complex is based

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